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The Future of San Juan Island Eco Car Rentals Is Here.

Discover the most luxurious, comfortable, safest, and high performance electric vehicle rentals on the San Juan Islands.

Why Rent this Tesla in Friday Habor?


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Rental Cars

Enjoy your stay on San Juan Island not only in your lodging, but also in the car in which you tour the island in.


How can a Tesla P90D (AWD) enhance your vacation?

1. Panoramic sunroof to take in al of the sights

2. Heated front AND back seats will keep everyone cozy 

3. Navigational Dashboard

4. Log in to your Spotify directly into the car (or Bluetooth),

5. Auto Pilot 

6. Five very roomy seats with loads of trunk space

7. 600+HP engine of emission free power!

8. You skip the $5 a gallon gas prices on island!

9. Under 20K Miles! This Tesla is like new!

10. Concierge Services delivering Local Knowledge!


Our mission is to build a fleet of electric vehicles to keep our islands clean and beautiful just the way you found it.

Friday Habor Car Rental Concierge Serices


We deliver the very best  "pro tips" on how you can make your San Juan Island trip the most memorable yet! 

Whatever you need, we are at your service, whether it be restaurant recommendations, tours, water taxis, hiking spots, and even where to watch whales from land and where they are located if any are gracing our waters that day.

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Friday Harbor Car Rental Gallery


Roof racks coming soon so you can bring your SUP or Kayak on your Island Adventures!

  • How do I rent this Tesla?
    We use an app called Turo that handles all the dates, pricing, insurance, and does an excellent job of really just handling all the details of the car rental minutia. It is a very easy app to use and keeps both parties safe. Often Turo is described as the Air BnB of car rentals.
  • Does the concierge side of the rental cost extra?
    The local knowledge is all apart of the rental. Text with any questions you may have about the car, places to go, recommendations, water taxis, hikes, tours, restaurants and even places where you can view whales going by if they are in the area.
  • How do I charge the Tesla each night?
    You will be supplied with a power cord for 120V and 240V that you can utilize to keep the Tesla charged for your daily adventures.
  • Can I take the Tesla to other islands or to the mainland?
    Other islands is fine, but unless we have spoken previously about taking the car to the mainland please keep the Tesla on the island chain.
  • What is the range on the Tesla P90D?
    We keep it charged between 80-90% to help the battery last longer. This will give you a range between 230-240 miles.
  • How do I pick up and return the Tesla?
    We are happy to hand the car off at Roche Harbor Resort at no extra charge or for a fee we can drop it off and pick up in town. We will also walk you through how to operate all aspects of the vehicle and walk you through any questions you may have about the Tesla when the vehicle is handed off. You will be expected to have the vehicle at 200 miles range and the vehicle clean upon return.
  • How much is the Tesla Model S P90D to rent?
    The rate varies on dates and for how long the Tesla is rented for. Check Turo for the dates and time period you are thinking.
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